Display BRAW Metadata in Premiere Pro

February 8th, 2022
(Originally published on August 24th, 2019)
In this article you'll learn how to display the metadata contained inside your Blackmagic .BRAW shots, such as Reel, Scene, Take, Lens name, etc. in Adobe Premiere Pro
There are a lot of BRAW Metadata which can be useful to see in Premiere Pro when editing.
Some of this metadata is set in the camera directly by the user, the rest is automatically saved in the braw file.
metadata imageInCamera
In BRAW Studio, you can visualize those metadata in different ways :
  • From the BRAW Studio Panel when selecting a BRAW clip
  • From the Project Panel so you can then sort your Project Items easily from those metadata
  • From the Properties (right-click)

Display BRAW Metadata in the BRAW Studio Panel

Any metadata contain in a BRAW file can be directly displayed when selecting a BRAW clip in the timeline from the BRAW Studio Panel, in the "Metadata tab" for Premium licensed users.
Here is an example of what you can get :
Autokroma BRAW Studio Metadata Panel Premiere Pro

Display and Sort BRAW Metadata in the Project Panel

Getting the metadata in the Project Panel is quite useful if you need to sort your BRAW Project Items from those metadata !

Which metadata can I get ?

This is the list of the metadata automatically set to each .BRAW Source clip already imported into the Premiere Pro project, after you click on the Display all BRAW sources metadata button, on the Metadata tab of our panel (we will get back to it right ahead). All of the items are prefixed with BR, in order to differentiate them from the stock PPro ones.
  • BR Recorded Date
  • BR Camera Letter
  • BR Lens Type
  • BR Clip Name
  • BR Environment
  • BR Day/Night
  • BR Camera Name
  • BR Reel
  • BR Scene
  • BR Take
  • BR Good
  • BR Timecode
  • BR Compression Ratio
metadata shownInProject
If you think some metadata is missing from this list, please contact us !
Note : BRAW Studio Panel can take a some time to process each .BRAW clip and, while the process takes place, it can feel a bit slow. Just wait for it to finish, or load footage in small batches.

How can I display this Metadata ?

First, you need to generate the metadata for your clips with the BRAW Studio Panel.
In order to open this panel, go to Window > Extensions %gt; BRAW Studio Panel.
If you don't see BRAW Studio Panel (as displayed on the image below), then there may be a problem with the installation of your panel. Please try to re-install BRAW Studio or contact us.
metadata visiblePanel2
Then click on the Metadata tab of the panel. Scroll down and go to the Display Metadata on Project Panel section. You should be able to see the Display all BRAW sources metadata button. Go ahead and click it ! A blue popup window will show up once the process is done.
Metadata Panel Set Metadata
After this, in order to see the metadata, take the following steps :
  1. Go to the Project Panel, and display the clips with the List View mode
metadata listView
  1. Right-click on the header on the project items list, and click on Metadata Display...
metadata rightClickOnTopToDisplay
  1. Open Premiere Pro Project Metadata and scroll down to the end of the list, then tick every item beginning by BR, then click OK
metadata tickCheckbox
After these steps, you will be able to see the BRAW Metadata directly on the Project Panel.
Note : You will now be able to use these new Metadata Columns to sort your.braw in the project panel ! Please keep in mind you will need to repeat this process if you import new .BRAW to your project.

The BRAW File Properties

Metadata can be also be seen (only if imported with BRAW Studio !) if you right-click on a native .BRAW clip (not a sequence!) and select Properties...
metadata otherProperties
Finally, you can also check the metadata of each individual .BRAW clip by going straight to the Metadata tab on our panel after having highlighted the desired clip, either from the timeline or from the Project Panel.
We hope these metadata features will help your workflow with BRAW Studio !

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