(!! PlumePack Official Launch : 25% off until March 1st !!) PlumePack will minimize your PrPro projects & medias as well as maximize your workflow options with tons of bonus features ! Archive, Transfer, Organize and more

Main Features

Collect & Copy

Gather all materials and copy to new location:
    Get rid of the Premiere Pro Project Manager Collect & Copy bugs!
    Organize final folder structure from Premiere Pro bins structure
    Remove unused items from the project!
    Select only one sequence to consolidate. Nested subsequences will be kept!

Trim losslessly (Premium)

Trim your media to reduce size of your project:
    Trim files based on their use in your project
    Adjust trimming with the "handle" parameter
    No re-encoding: same codec & exact quality!
    Suited for high-quality footages such as R3D, BRAW or ProRes!
    Trimmed media metadata controlled!

Use PlumePack to improve your workflow!

PlumePack can help you to save some time and disk space:
    Transfer your projects quicker with PlumePack by reducing your media files size
    Backup your project with PlumePack and save some disk space !
    Clean your project and keeps your media organized


How to License PlumePack

In this article you'll learn how to license it in order to remove the trial limitations!
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How to report a bug in PlumePack?

When using PlumePack, in case you have trouble with the plugin, you should send us some logs so we can give you assistance and fix a potential bug in our plugin. Here's how to do it.
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Technical Specifications


  • One license is for the same user on up to two computers
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 - version ≥ 14.4
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • MacOS: 10.15 (Catalina) / 10.16 (Big Sur)

Codecs and containers:

  • [MOV] Apple ProRes (422, 422 LT, 422 HQ, 422 proxy, 4444, 4444 XQ)
  • [MOV] Apple Prores RAW
  • [BRAW] Blackmagic RAW
  • [R3D] RED R3D
  • [MOV] Cineform
  • [MOV] DNxHD
  • [WAV] PCM
  • Want more? Contact us!

Premiere Pro supported items:

  • Media frameRate different than Sequence frameRate (partially for trimming : Only trim the end of the file)
  • Transitions between clips
  • After Effects composition and dependencies (partially : need to relink comp media dependencies by hand)

Known Limitations:

  • Proxies : detached automatically for now
  • Merged Clips : media copied but not relinked in final project (you will need to relocate them)
  • After Effects Composition : dependencies are copied but not relinked into final After Effects project
  • Project Items which exclude media from trimming :

    • Media interpretation changed
    • SubClip
    • Merged Clips
    • Reversed Clips
    • Speed changed Clips
    • Time Remapping enabled Clips


PlumePack for Premiere Pro (Project Manager & Trim engine)
PlumePack for Premiere Pro (Project Manager & Trim engine)PlumePack panel for Premiere Pro (Project Manager & Trim engine)PlumePack in Premiere Pro (Analysis result)