Our collection of visual effects plugins for Premiere Pro and After Effects, starting with our FREE PixelPerfect to upscale your Pixel Art
  • How To Update : install and it will update, replacing old plugins with latest versions
  • How To Uninstall : go into the "Uninstall Plugins" folder of the extracted .zip to find the Uninstaller


Jul '21

1.0.4 (Current version) - 09 January 2023

  • Support for After Effects, Premiere Pro and Media Encoder 2023 / v23
  • After Effects : Support for MFR (Multi-Frame Rendering) optimization for AEfx 2022 (v22) onwards
  • Improvements of the upscaling algorithm :
    • Alpha Ghosting : it will not show color ghosting from pixels with non-opaque pixels anymore, it was especially noticeable on sprites with a non-black background color "behind" transparent pixels. It was also showing weird borders around the sprite edges in some cases (for example gray borders for white background color), fixed
    • No longer moving the image one pixel towards the bottom right direction
    • Sometimes the last row pixels and last column pixels were incorrect
  • After Effects bugs fixes :
    • When doing a preview with a lower resolution (Half, Third, Quarter etc.) position is now correct, the output does not move randomly anymore
    • Purging (using Edit -> Purge -> Image Cache Memory) to force a new render of PixelPerfect will no longer give a different output position after an anchor value change
  • Premiere Pro setting "Sequence Settings" -> "Fields" to "Upper Field First" or "Lower Field First" is now giving notification that it's not supported and displays a red output, instead of for example displaying a black output. PixelPerfect never supported Interlaced input / output but now you are warned explicitly about it
  • New button "Settings" in the Effect GUI for you to launch the popup easily, on the left of this button the version of PixelPerfect is shown
  • PixelPerfect now will remind you in the future to update the plugin when its outdated after a Premiere Pro / After Effects update
  • Windows : you can run our Install and Uninstaller .exe in command line like this : 'start "Autokroma" /wait /b "InstallerOrUninstaller.exe" /S', for our uninstaller you can pass an argument to specify which product to uninstall like this : '-Uninstall_Vizual'. Do not forget to run your Terminal as Administrator, otherwise you will need user interaction to confirm the Administrator rights prompt. This also works using Microsoft SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) to automate deployment

1.0.3 - 11 July 2022

  • New Autokroma About popup where you can see your others Autokroma licenses, access the User Guide online and see the About. You can access it by clicking the top right icon in the PixelPerfect effect on Premiere Pro and clicking "Options..." top right of the PixelPerfect effect on After Effects. The popup will warn you when a new update of Vizual is available, please check it often ! We also have a "Debug Logs" button there to gather all logs from Adobe so you can send us easily a .zip containing all logging information
  • Bugs fixes

1.0.2 - 01 November 2021

1.0.1 - 08 September 2021

1.0.0 - 30 July 2021

  • Launch of Autokroma Vizual with our first free effect PixelPerfect :
    • Pixel Art upscaler for Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 (v14+) and After Effects (v17+) 2020 and above
    • This filter is FREE !
    • Support for Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple macOS Intel v10.14 (Mojave) onwards
    • Nearest Neighbor algorithm (gives the square look, well suited for Pixel Art), Linear interpolation algo and Nearest algo with Anti-aliasing controllable with the Edge Blur slider
    • GPU Acceleration (Metal on macOS, CUDA and OpenCL on Windows) on After Effects. AEfx might warn you if there is not enough GPU memory for the frame, in which case you can click "Ignore" and then untick this checkbox to get back the image without disabling GPU for your whole project
    • Upscales from the center of the original image on Premiere Pro, and on After Effects upscales from your layer anchor point (don't forget it is expressed in the original resolution)
    • For now allocates the whole upscaled frame (for example if you zoom x4 on an 1080p frame it will allocate 8K frames)
  • Contact us for bugs and features request