Shadertoy Best Of Video + Wallpapers

January 3rd, 2018
We're proud to show you our latest project : a compilation of most well known shaders from !

Image sequences were rendered from Google Chrome and edited in Adobe After Effects. The final video was exported in Ultra HD (8K 50 fps) directly from After Effects with our plugin AfterCodecs in the H.264 codec.

What are shaders ?

Shaders are little programs that run on your GPU : everything you see in this video has been generated by code and a few textures in input. No modeling software or precoded 3D engine has been used by theses artists, as the models and the 3D engine are contained in theirs codes (thus they all use their own methods for creating 3D scenes). Only the GLSL language from OpenGL has been used.

Goodies : download Wallpapers !

Here is a zip with 39 Wallpapers extracted from this video, available in 16:9 and also in Widescreen 21:9, all in 4K Resolution: Download Shadertoy_Best_Of_Wallpapers_4K_Autokroma on Google Drive

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