PlumePack FREE vs PREMIUM License

December 19th, 2023
In this article you will find answers about the difference between PlumePack Free version and Premium.
Since version 1.4 PlumePack offers everyone a FREE version, which allows you, among other things, to collect and copy your Premiere Pro project with a more reliable tool than the built in "Project Manager" and discover what PlumePack can do for you.
In this article we are going to list all the FREE features of PlumePack, the ones you can unlock with a PlumePak Premium License and finally how you can test those Premiums features.
Note: If you are not familiar with PlumePack yet, check our introduction article !

PlumePack FREE

PlumePack FREE is an improvement of the Premiere Pro "Project Manager" Collect & Copy feature:
  • Get rid of Project Manager "Unknown Error" bug
    . See "Project Manager Known Bugs and Limitations here".
  • Get a
    proper data structure
    : the output folder is organized using
    Premiere Pro Bins structure
  • Better Support of AE Compositions.
  • Full Support of AEgraphics elements and their dependencies.
  • When selecting only a given list of sequences to keep, it also keeps
    all nested sequences
  • A full report of what happened during Consolidation, and what failed in case of an error (like a network copy error)
You can find a detailed comparison between PlumePack and the Project Manager, in this article.
Autokroma PlumePack Premiere Pro Free Version

PlumePack Premium

PlumePack Premium License will allow you to
lossless Trim your files
, removing the unused frames, keeping the
same quality, codec, metadata and codec features
You will also have access to all new features to
your media and project in Premiere Pro:
  • Proxy support
    when media are copied with more specific settings for different workflows: "Copy Main Media and Proxy if attached", "Copy Only Proxy and if not attached, copy Main Media instead" OR "Copy Only Proxy and if not attached, do NOT copy Main media"
  • Ability to
    timeline clips in
    Nested Sequence
    Multicam Sequence
    not used into main parent sequence.
  • With the Main Media Process "No Process" Use PlumePack only to filter elements without copying or trimming media.
  • Rename your copied/trimmed files from your Project Item names
  • Reproduce the same Tree Folder structure for your copied/Trimmed media than the original Structure on Disk with the Original Folder Structure on Disk option
  • Be sure all filenames are unique in your new project
  • Make one file from all individual Clips with the "One File Per Timeline Clip" mode for special VFX workflows !
  • Access the
    Toolbox tab
    with all its
    super powerful tools
    to: un-merge merged clips, reorder tracks, add spaces between clips and more! Click here to learn more about Toolbox tab features"
Autokroma PlumePack Premiere Pro Premium VersionAutokroma PlumePack Premiere Pro Toolbox Tab

Test PlumePack Premium features

Sadly you can't really test PlumePack Premium in real conditions before buying. However here is how you can proceed:
  • Check that your Files extension and Codecs are supported for trimming in the list here.
  • With PlumePack FREE,
    launch the PlumePack Analysis on your project(s)
    (with the copy mode enabled so as you can't choose Trim without Premium).
  • From the result displayed in the PlumePack panel after the analysis, you can find everything which should happen during the full PlumePack process.
    There is also a button to see what would happen with trimming enabled
    ! So please use that feature and check if it seems good for what you would expect.
  • If it seems good for you then buy a PlumePack license and register it to unlock the Premium options.
  • In case the result is not what you expect and you don't want to use PlumePack Premium anymore, we will refund you
PlumePack Free Test Premium Features With Analysis

What's next?

You tell us!
We have already planned a lot of features for this year, give us your ideas and advice by answering this Form.
How do you use PlumePack, what are your pain points? Contact us to tell us! We might find more solutions to your issues

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