BETA for URSA 12K .BRAW & Color Science Version 5 (Import in Premiere Pro and After Effects)

by Antoine on August 13th, 2020
(Originally published on July 26th, 2020)
Try out our latest BETA implementing BRAW API 2.0 BETA, to import URSA Mini Pro 12K files and test BMD Color Science V5 into Adobe video apps !

Blackmagic RAW SDK 2.0 BETA on OSX and Windows

Blackmagic recently released a BETA version of their next 2.0 version of the BRAW SDK, letting us import URSA 12K .BRAW files as well as test the latest Blackmagic Color Science Version 5.
We are also releasing a BETA version of our next BRAW Studio to let you test those new features inside Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects ! Here's the link to download and install the BETA :
This is the Beta3 for Windows and OSX, out on August 10th. The Beta1 was only for OSX.
Here's the manual installation link in case you want to manually copy / paste the plugins yourself :

.BRAW from your old projects will be decoded using Color Science Version 4 (previous iteration of the Blackmagic Color Science) but you can now switch to Version 5 thanks to a new dropdown choice.
Don't forget this is only a test version, not ready for production. Do not save your current production projects with this version, always make backup and contact us if you find anything wrong !