PlumePack collects your PrPro projects & trim media to make it lightweight : Trim, Archive, Organize and more!

Collect & Copy (FREE)

    Get rid of the bugs from the native PrPro Project Manager !
    Organize final folder structure from Premiere Pro bins structure
    Select only one sequence to consolidate. Nested subsequences will be kept !

Lossless Trim & Toolbox (PREMIUM)

    Supports ProRes, .BRAW, .R3D, H.264, Image Sequences and more !
    Trim files based by removing unused frames according to your edits, with a handle option for flexible re-editing
    No re-encoding : keep the same codec & exact quality than your source !
    Access extra tools with our Toolbox Tab : Reorder your Tracks, UnMerge your Merged Clips and more !

Improve your workflow

    Your PrPro projects will be faster to transfer to your colleagues and clients
    Save disk space for backups and projects archiving
    Clean your project and keep your media organized
    Continue editing your other projects while consolidating