Influx will allow you to import all kinds of audiovideo files directly and natively into Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects
  • How To Update Plugins : download and install the usual way and it will update automatically, replacing old plugins with newer versions.
  • How To Uninstall Plugins : download and go into the "Uninstall Plugins" folder to find the Uninstaller. Don't forget to tick the Uninstall Influx checkbox !


Oct '21

1.0.1 (Current version) - 25 October 2021

  • Various bugs fixes

1.0.0 - 18 October 2021

  • Autokroma Influx Official Launch :
    • Support and same features for Premiere Pro / Media Encoder 2019 onwards (v13+) and After Effects 2019 onwards (v16+) until 2022 included
    • Support and same features for Microsoft Windows 10 and Apple macOS Intel v10.14 (Mojave) onwards as well as Apple silicon (for example M1), more information about it here :
    • Adobe will try to use Influx if it cannot import a file natively, for example when a specific file or codec is not supported (even if the container is supported by Adobe it could fail !)
    • Suffix your video files with .influx to import them with Influx instead of natively by Adobe, this way you will know for sure it's not Adobe decoding the files. Could be useful for troubleshooting Adobe and working around its bugs. /! BEWARE : if Adobe imports the video stream but not the audio stream (for example because of an incompatible codec), it will import it on its own without Influx, hence without audio ! Even if Influx could decode audio. You should suffix with .influx to work around this
    • Use Premiere Pro's DogEars feature to confirm that Influx is being used to decode the files
    • For debugging purposes you have the choice in our Settings to enable always overloading Adobe default importers, and also the choice of disabling Influx to mimick uninstalling Influx without actually doing it
  • Codecs and containers :
  • Access our Influx Settings and License popup :
    • Premiere Pro : right click on a project item and click "Source Settings…"
    • Media Encoder : right click on render queue item and click "Source Settings…"
    • After Effects : right click on a project item -> "Interpret Footage" -> "Main…" and click the "More Options…" button at the bottom
    • You can also access them directly from the Desktop app , as written in our How to License Influx article
  • Influx Trial is limited to 500 frames imported and 30 seconds of audio being decoded. After this, if Influx is unlicensed, it will show a turquoise trial and generate silence sound. How to License Influx article : and after this you need to delete Premiere Pro's Media Cache (You need to go start Premiere without loading any project, go into Premiere Pro's Preferences -> Media Cache -> Delete button on top -> 2nd radio Delete all media cache files from the system)
  • Here is how to generate bug reports :
  • Contact us to tell us about your needs and send us your files !

If you're running Apple silicon (latest M1 CPU) please read our article about compatibility with Adobe !