BRAW Studio

Fully-featured Blackmagic RAW Importer plugins for Adobe CC

BRAW Studio is comprised of three installed plugins, adding a new .braw format to be imported to Adobe CC (Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and After Effects).

You can access its Basic Features (importer + Source Settings effect) for FREE, and much more with a Premium license ! More information here.

In Premiere Pro, you can access the Blackmagic RAW params in our brand new BRAW Studio Source Settings Panel (available in top menu : Window -> Extensions). This Panel also provides useful utility and workflow features, for example batch applying parameters changes to many clips at once, extracting Embedded LUT, importing your footages metadata, correcting NTSC timecodes, ...

On After Effects you will be able to use the BRAW Studio Layer Settings effect.

Known bugs

  • You can't use properly the PrPro Project Manager with .braw files but you can use PlumePack instead
  • If you need to use Replace Clip feature in Premiere Pro to change one of your source by another, there could be conflicts afterward with the Source Settings (the ISO List could be wrong and the sidecar file will stay to its old path). However, after using Replace Clip, you can save your project, close and restart Premiere Pro and everything will be fine.
  • The same problem than the previous point happens when Copying/Pasting the Source Settings effect from a BRAW file to another on Premiere Pro 2022. If you want to copy BRAW Settings, please use BRAW Studio Panel : there is a Copy and Paste button inside and it can be applied to a multiple BRAW selection.
  • Do not save/apply preset on the Source Settings, please read our article about alternative methods
  • Adobe timecode bug : Media Start timecode for NTSC footage of 29.97fps is wrong (23.97fps footages also for old Premiere Pro versions before 14.3). This also means you can't export Final Cut Pro XML and import the timeline into DaVinci Resolve properly. Please follow our article to solve this issue
  • Please note all those bugs are from Adobe and you will also experience them using Blackmagic's PrPro plugin